On his 53rd birthday, Govinda thanks reiki for changing his life


Govinda who turns 53 on today is a changed man. Emotionally and spiritually. Physically he has never been fitter. Marveling at his own voyage from flab to fab Govinda says, “I started working on my physique two years ago.I look at myself on television. And I can’t believe that was me in those days of Hero No.1 and Raja Babu. I feel I am in a different body now. I was doing yoga and jogging. Now I’m into reiki. It’s a philosophy of fitness that has changed my body metabolism and my blood circulation. I feel like a different person. It’s not only a fitness restricted to the body. Reiki has freed my mind as well.”
Govinda is at a stage in his life where he no longer needs to look at his career for complete  sustenance. “There’s so much more to life than just acting. I’ve been through it  all, done over 200 films. Today, thanks to television, younger generations of actors  see my films and look up to me. I feel good when they say they are my fans. But I  am not my own fan. I am learning so many new things all the time. Reiki is one of the major happenings in my life.”

Govinda has now revived his production house. “Isn’t that what all the heroes are doing? It’s the norm these days. Every hero is a potential producer. It’s the mantra for survival. I don’t know how successful I would be as a producer. I’ve burnt my fingers in the past. Lost a lot of money. Today  the game has changed. Actors don’t have to put in their own money. I’ve to get used to the changing scenario. I’ve revived my production house under the banner Mangal Tara Films. This is my humble effort to keep the culture of cinema going in my home. I am so happy about Aa Gaya Hero (earlier entitled Abhinay Chakra). When the director Deepankar Senapati narrated the subject to me I felt I had to do it. It’s something I’ve never done before. At this stage of my career it’s important for me to go to a new level. Repetition is death for me. I wanted to play this idealistic cop. And I wanted to complete the film in one schedule.Which we did.”
Govinda has signed some selected films for the coming year. “I am in no hurry. God has been very kind to me. What I want now is different from what I wanted when I was 26. Now I am not insecure about my career. I’ve taken control of my physique.I feel better about myself than I ever did. Reiki has opened up my body and mind. I am ready to explore new challenges.”
Govinda is content with life. “Bahot diya dene wale ne mujhko. I’ve got more than I deserved. I  don’t want to  lose  this second opportunity  that God has given me.  I want  to take  my work  further. Being  professional is  very important. There’s no alternative to hard work. Earlier my experience  was limited, and so  was  the learning  process because I was constantly running from  one set  to  another. I think I’ve just begun my career now.  I feel I’m in Standard 1 in  school.  I’m feeling nervous and  excited. But also tired. I’m learning, understanding and I’m trying to manage in my own way.”
For too long Govinda feels he took his talent for granted. “From  1996 onwards I’ve  been  caught in  never-ending turmoil. I’d consider 2006 my year of recovery. At least I  found a  place back in  the industry. Today I can’t be taken for granted by people who want to make films with me. For too long I’ve been taken  for granted. Today I  insist  on  working  only with big banners who will ensure that a  film gets released properly and on  time. I wasn’t finding  a way out anywhere. After my long gap of joblessness Salman Khan and David Dhawan  were the first to offer me solace with Partner.  Then came Priyadarshan and Akshay Kumar with Bhagam Bhag. I never bothered with how I was treated. I just needed  to return.   I didn’t want to be  caught up in any more problems.
Govinda laughs back at his reputation of chronic unpunctuality. “I admit I never considered punctuality a   part of  my work ethics. All these years I’ve been accused of being unpunctual, and I was. I’ve made punctuality a  part of my career now. I was over-worked. I was tired . And I was depressed. My mother’s death was the main cause for my restlessness. Tragedies fell on  me like bricks.  Just dealing with  them left me sapped.  A man cannot work properly when he’s swamped by setbacks. Mere saath to aati ho gaya. I don’t  think anyone in the history of mankind has taken so many setbacks. God  can’t be wrong , so the fault must lie with me.”
Govinda is realistic enough to realize  his status in the film industry has changed .  “Time is  the greatest leveler. It’s  best  to  do one’s work quietly. Every human being crosses  hurdles in his life according to  their destiny. I’ve been doing  what I’ve to do. The rest  I leave to destiny. A senior colleague once asked me…Tum dekho tumne har  rishte ko  kya diya aur har rishte ne  tumko kya diya. Likewise I  want to see what my work has given me  and what I’ve given back my work. Now I’m focusing completely on my acting career. My mother always taught me to wait for good things to happen. The good things may take time to happen. One has to be patient. Now I know what my mother meant.”
Govinda’s family means the world to him. “It has always been  like that. I’ve always worked for my family. When I was doing 2-3 shifts a day it was for the family. When I decided to take the plunge into politics I did it because my family approved. Soon I realized politics was not for me, and I quit. It took people a while to realize I was serious about quitting politics.

But I was serious. Because I wasn’t getting anywhere in politics. Oh my God! It was a nightmare. My films wouldn’t get started because they didn’t get any finance. And if they somehow got completed no distributors came forward to buy them. It was like a punishment for crimes I did not commit. Now I am focusing on  work and controlled work. Earlier I took  any work that came my way. Now I’ll only accept quality work. I want to thank all my well-wishers.And I want them to give to my next release Aa Gaya Hero  which is my own production, the same love. Beyond that I’ll be careful  about my career now. Samay ka khel alag hota hai. My pranaam to all the forces that now working in my favour.”