“I am in the best phase of my life,” Kareena Kapoor Khan


6th March seemed to be a revolution in the world of television as two giants have come in collaboration. Yes, Sony Pictures Network and BBC have come in association with their channel Sony BBC Earth with its tagline Feel Alive. While the channel is going to be a lot more than just nature and wildlife, the face for the channel will be Kareena Kapoor Khan. Kareena who is a wild-life lover and also has a fixation for the Tiger, which is such that she sat for 6 hours in a jeep with Saif Ali Khan just to spot the animal and she spotted six of them in Ranthambore.

Elated about her association Kareena revealed, “I am in the best phase of my life, the most alive phase. I am a happy girl always looking for positivity. And I will always do something that suits my personality rather than just do something for the sake of doing it. Somewhere this Sony BBC earth coming together, the association just happened to me very seamlessly. Because somewhere our personalities were very similar. BBC earth is all about content, heart-warming stories, nature, wildlife, being free spirited. And somewhere I feel people associate my personality with being free spirited.”

Not just this, but the entire Kahn family is of TV buffs and Kareena intends to watch this channel with her family while she says, “Yes, we all are TV addicts, both Saif and me. This is probably one channel that the family can watch, it has everything for everyone. So when a family is watching TV and it is just a single television it is very entertaining to watch, and we will be for sure watching it together.”

While concluding we asked Kareena about her shooring experience with the channel while being four months pregnant and she concluded by saying, “Well, it was different in the sense that they were a lot more careful and pampering but that is okay. I enjoyed doing it a lot.”