GET SNAPPY – The Spirited Girl TAMANNAH BHATIA: “The magic of each and every person on the sets has added to the magic of Bahubali.”



The alluringly gorgeous Tamannaah Bhatia is a well-renowned name down South. And indeed, her time has arrived. Today, with Bahubali breaking all records, Tamannah is all set to soar super high. Here, she talks about her tryst with stardom, her struggle and her super stardom after the stupendous success of Bahubali. Indeed, the Bahubali girl has unquestionably come a long way.

Words Nazifa Charania

You are one of the highest paid actresses in the South, was it easy for you to make a mark in Bollywood initially?

Well, I would say that there were people who had seen my South Indian films. And then I was called to do Hindi films. I am from Mumbai, and that’s the reason why I feel great to work in Mumbai. Also, it’s my aim to be in Mumbai and always work here.

What is your favourite genre in films?

I am not a film-maker or a script-writer. I am an actor, and I am the medium. I switch from one character to another. If you ask me to create a character and make a film out of it, I can’t. Because that’s not what I do. For me, my journey is to play different characters. That’s what I concentrate on doing.

What was the best part about being on the sets of Bahubali?

The best part about being on the sets was that everybody wanted to give their best. That is one common thing that I saw – from the person who is creating the sets to the person who is acting. I found everybody extremely excited to be a part of the film. However physically challenging it was, they still wanted to be a part of it. Everybody knew they were doing something special – something that’s never been done before. The magic of each and every person on the sets has added to the magic of Bahubali.

What was the best and worst experience in your journey?

My best experience would definitely be Bahubali. Hands down! From how organised they were to the quality of work we did. Everybody was super punctual. The way they shot the film and the technology that was used in the movie was amazing. I think in every way, it’s probably my best experience.

When a film doesn’t do well, how do you keep yourself motivated?

Sometimes it feels terrible when your film doesn’t do well. The films I don’t expect to work, do really well, that’s my perception. If a film doesn’t do well, there is no other way of redeeming yourself except moving on and doing more work. I have to move on and I have to keep on working, so that’s what I keep doing.

Which role or film do you feel will change your projection as an actor in the industry?   

I cannot tell you how difficult it is to predict what is going to happen tomorrow. I have absolutely no idea or can’t imagine which film can change my career. When the right thing has to fall into place, it will. How? When? Where? Is really hard to answer as of now!