WILD ENCOUNTER – KAJAL AGARWAL: “Trust Me, The Opposite Sex Doesn’t Care About Size.”


kajal agarwal

Limited time is all we had, but the conversation kept going. She welcomed me with grace as I stepped into to her beautiful abode. Who would’ve thought that this uber-cool lady that grew up in South Bombay was so warm and genuine! We talked about countless things… music, films and much more. Her take on the subjects we discussed had moved me in some ways. For the rest, read on… as I discover the wild side of KAJAL AGARWAL.

Words Rinaldo D’souza

One thing you will always find in your fridge?
You will always find Peanut butter in my fridge. You’ll also always find ice-cream because I live with my family and we are all ice-cream obsessed.

Have you ever taken advantage of your ‘celebrity’ title?
I’ve gotten entry into clubs when I’m travelling abroad. I’ve googled myself and I’ve been like, ‘Look I’m 18. I’m glad I don’t look older than the cut-off, but unfortunately, I am. So, can you please let me in.’

What was the last film you saw? How did you find it?
Lion. Oh my God! I got dehydrated crying.

A Hollywood film you watched only for the sex in it?
Fifty Shades of Grey. I’ve read the books, but I thought the movie was bad in comparison to the books. Not that the books are great, they’re stupid as hell. I have an embarrassing story to tell… I catch up on my movies and books when I’m travelling. So, when I was  travelling by a train, people looked at the book and thought, what is this? Is she reading pornography? I would get judgmental looks. And I got damn embarrassed. So I wrapped my book with brown textbook cover paper, like we did in school, and carried it along. Then I was taking an international flight to Europe, and I had to sleep because it was a night flight, and after landing, I had to head straight to work. I wasn’t feeling sleepy and I was reading Fifty Shades of Grey. The only two people awake in the aircraft were the hostess and me; and we ended up discussing the series.

What kind of a body would you prefer, a voluptuous or a bikini one?
Doesn’t a voluptuous body look good in a bikini (laughs)? I don’t believe in this fad of size zero and being all super-skinny. I don’t think that’s healthy. So, from the health point of view, I don’t support it. I think everyone should be at the peak of their health. If you do have a little body fat, it is not going to kill you. As long as you are not obese, please work out and remain healthy. Other than that, there is no need to be chasing this absolutely supreme bikini body because it is okay if you have some fat here and there,
it’s nicer.

What in a man turns you on?
Integrity, hard work and passion. Clichéd answers, but they do.

What turns you off?
Hypocrisy, and someone who is not honest.

What’s the first thing you notice in a guy?
His height.

When was the last time you were chased by a guy?
Yesterday, (laughs). No, I’m just trying to act smart about it. But honestly? Quite recently… I had to block the number. And unfortunately I know him.

Have you ever gone after anyone?
Never, I am very old fashioned.

A situation that makes you feel completely awkward.
Lying about where I am. Sometimes I say that I am not in Mumbai, but I am in Mumbai.  Sometimes, when you want to escape certain things, you say that you’re shooting in Hyderabad. But then you’re caught having dinner with a bunch of friends the very same night. Damn, so embarrassing and so awkward!

Have you ever lied about your age?
No, I’m very comfortable with my age.

An awful one-liner you’ve come across.
I’ve heard such clichéd things like, ‘Is your father a terrorist, because you’re such a bomb?’ And I’m like, disperse.

Were you ever hit on by the same sex? What was your reaction?
Yes. I just told her I am not into women.

What’s your take on open relationships?
I believe in the institution of marriage and I feel that if you want to live with someone, you might as well get married to the person. People believe that living-in is such a big fuss, and overreact to that. I don’t understand what the fuss about marriage is. I’d rather have the security and stability of a marriage.

Have you ever drunk-dialled anyone?
Yes, it ended with me facing a lot of embarrassment.

A Bollywood actor you have a crush on?
Ranveer Singh.

An actor you wouldn’t mind doing steamy scenes with?
I wouldn’t do a steamy scene with anyone. I don’t do steamy scenes.

The strangest place you have made out at?
I haven’t made out at strange places. I am not very adventurous. I told you I am very old-fashioned.

Hard and sleazy, wild and funny or soft and surprising?
Soft and surprising.

What would you prefer being: Girl-next-door, power-packed performer, or sex icon?
Power-packed performer.

People at times, worry about the size of their assets. Being an actress what is your point of view? Does size really matter?
If the size is extremely unhealthy, then yes, it matters. Other than that, I don’t think we should worry about that, we should focus on living a good, qualitative life. Size doesn’t matter, two or three inches more don’t matter. Trust me, the opposite sex doesn’t care about size.

What is your take on one-night stands? What is right or not right about them?
I am not trying to be moralistic about them, but it is something that I don’t believe in, I wouldn’t do it.

Infidelity has become a common problem in relationships. What is your take on it?
I believe in the sanctity of relationships, I believe in love, I believe in fairy-tales and I wouldn’t want to burst that beautiful concept in my head. Infidelity is one thing that I’m scared of, and I hope my partner remains faithful to me, whenever that is.

So, you’re single?

If you get into a relationship, would you be a daunting girlfriend or a chilled-out one?
A mix of both. It actually depends on the situation.

Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Sidharth Malhotra. Of these four, who do you think is marriage material, boyfriend, one-night stand, just friend material?
Marriage material would be Varun Dhawan, the boyfriend would be Sidharth Malhotra. Ranbir Kapoor would be just a friend, and Ranveer Singh would be a one-night stand.

If you were a Big Boss contestant, which Bollywood star would you not mind sharing a room with?
I wouldn’t share a room with anyone and I don’t think I would be a part of Bigg Boss. I can’t live confined in one room for that amount of time.