USA & Canada To Host Asha Bhosle’s Farewell Tour


There are some films that remain etched in your memories, and stars who define your growing up years – but few manage to instill such respect that everything they are involved in becomes a classic. That is where Asha Bhosle resides today. An unprecedented force in the history of Bollywood music, Asha Bhosle has made many a careers by being the voice behind their pretty faces. Her fans spread far and wide are now eager to see the diva live in action, even decades after she first set foot into the history and created magic.

After the unprecedented response to the Asha Bhosle concert last year, the diva is now gearing up for another unique event that will take the concept of mega concerts a notch higher. Stardust, who has been capturing the magic of Bollywood through its glossy pages and also its online edition is now carrying forward the same legacy through live events like film awards and musical concerts both in India and overseas. In fact Stardust even hosted some of the most successful music concerts in the last 3 years in United Kingdom. The biggest being last year’s most talked about live concert held in the heart of the kingdom… ‘The Asha Bhosle, Farewell Tour’

We all know Asha Bhosle, a legend who doesn’t need an introduction, has now taken a step back from playback career. That only seems to have doubled the demand to watch her live by people from all age groups, across the world. Her last concert in London was packed to the seams. And we expect nothing less from her planned concert in USA & Canada.

Slated to be scheduled around June/July this year, Asha Bhosle is expected to tour Washington DC, Charlotte, Orlando, San Francisco, New Jersey & Los Angeles in America and Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto in Canada. The tour is expected to be as grand as they come. So watch out this space for more.